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Classroom Cheating 2: College

Classroom Cheating 2: College

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After one year of practice our good old cheater friend decided to take his cheating to the next level, since he was already so successful by graduating from high school by cheating only.

Now he is in college, and this will not be any easier, but he is determined to do it. The rules in the world of classroom are very strict. If you are seen walking around the class by the teacher, his field of vision will start turning from green into red. If his fov turns into red, you are caught and the game is over. The goal is to cheat from your companions who you will meet in the game.

Please follow their rules to graduate college. You cheat by moving your character with cursor keys to your friend and then holding the left mouse button to start filling the cheat bar. A cheat bar will start to fill and as soon its filled, you have to get back to your place to finish the level. Sometimes you will have to do some other stuff, be sure to read what your friends are saying for additional information. Good luck cheating your way through college!
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Created by luksy
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