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Murloc 3: The Portal of Fools

Murloc 3: The Portal of Fools

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Note: This is actually an April Fools joke released for April Fools Day, 2010! I hope all the fans of the murloc games got fooled and had a laugh about it! You can send me any ideas you have for pranks for next year! Tongue

Here's the original description designed to get you playing:

The long awaited Murloc 3 RPG... are you ready? It's time to step into Murloc 3: The Portal of Fools!

You are a Murloc, set in the magical World of Warcraft. It's up to you, Murk the Murloc, to go on quests and defeat hordes of enemies and bosses... it's up to YOU to save the world!

Explore the world of Murloc 3 with countless new features and improvements including the amazing (and optional) Multiplayer Murloc Team Raiding! Can you imagine raiding with your friends as Murlocs?

There are now 6 additional classes to choose from, totalling 10 classes (Death Knight, Druid, Hunter, Mage, Paladin, Priest, Rogue, Shaman, Warlock and Warrior).

Includes Save/Load features, Highscores and a Surprise Tongue!

What are you waiting for brave Murloc? Go forth into The Portal of Fools!
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