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Getting Started
  • How do I join and become an Ork?
Simply fill out the registration form! Well now... that was easy, wasn't it?
  • I registered but I haven't received a validation email?
The first thing you should do is check your Junk mail. Sometimes emails go there accidentally. If it isn't there and it's been more than 24 hours since you registered, click here and we'll re-send you the email.
Technical Support & Errors
  • I click on the form buttons (submit, clear) but nothing happens?
There are a few possible reasons why this might be happening. 1). The page has not finished loading yet so the form cannot be processed yet. 2). The form process was started but there was/has been network interference (eg. disconnected from internet or server issues). 3). The form requires javascript enabled in your browser. 4). Some browsers may have trouble at times using the scripting technology that this website uses. - If you submit a form and it appears to not be doing anything (or taking too long) we recommend you try reloading the page and submitting the form again to resolve the problem in most cases.
  • What web browser has this website been designed for?
This website has been designed to function well in all common web browsers, however some will be able to display (render) this website more efficiently (eg. Firefox). We recommend NOT using Internet Explorer 7, 6 or less, as these are exceptionally problematic web browsers, and some features of this website may not be available for Internet Explorer 6 or less. We will never force you to use (or not use) a specific web browser.

We recommend (in no particular order):
Google Chrome Mozilla Firefox Internet Explorer 8+ Safari Opera
  • How may I report a problem or contact the webmaster?
To contact the webmaster/admin, or to report a problem/error or unsuitable/spam content you can use the contact us form. Alternatively, you can send an email to .
  • Where can I leave suggestions?
You can leave suggestions through the contact us form, via an email to .
  • Should I report graphical errors or parts of this website which don't appear to be working correctly?
We appreciate all kinds of feedback. If you have noticed a non-functional element or graphical error please do report it to us. Please also include your web browser and version (eg. Internet Explorer 8, Mozilla Firefox 3) in your message because web browsers may display content differently to one another.
  • How can I edit/update a game which I submitted?
You may edit any of your submissions, including games, under the "Submissions Management" section in My Account.
  • How can I delete a game which I submitted?
If for some reason you require a game to be deleted you must contact us so that an admin can remove it for you. However, you always have the option of editing your submission under the "Submissions Management" section in My Account.
  • What counts as a "view" and what counts as a "play"?
A view is added when someone views a particular game, guide, screenshot, etc. For a "play" to be added, one must actually click on one of the play links of a game. Although someone may quickly close the game without playing it, it does give a better idea of which games people are interested enough in to "follow through" and "play" it.
  • How is popularity calculated?
We determine the "popularity" of games by comparing its current rankings with past rankings in comparison with other submitted games.
  • Are there any restrictions on how many submissions I can make?
Yes, there are. In order to prevent flooding and spam the following limits are in place:

Games - max 30 per day.
Guides - max 5 per day.
Cheats - max 20 per day.
Screenshots - max 10 per day.
Comments - max 50 per day.
Tags - max 5 times, per day.
Flags - max 20 times, per day.
Favs - max 10 times, per day.
Friends Requests - max 20 per day.
Forum Topics - max 50 per day.
Forum Posts - max 200 per day.

Note: These values are subject to change. Other additional restrictions may not be listed here.
  • How many times can I comment on a game?
To prevent flooding and spam, you may leave 2 comments per game. Removing an old comment will allow you to add a new one.
  • How many times can I add a comment to a user profile?
To prevent flooding and spam, you may leave 2 comments per user profile. Removing an old comment will allow you to add a new one. If you wish to have an in-depth conversation with the user, please consider using the built-in ork mail system.
  • Why do only some games have the "Add Tags" option?
The "Add Tags" option is only displayed if the uploader of the game has set the game to allow other users to add tags to it.
  • Do you offer flash game sponsorships?
Currently we do not, however in future it may be possible for us to offer certain "sponsorships".
Users (Orks)
  • I forgot my login - what now?
Click here and fill out the forgotten login form. You will receive your Username or a new Password via the email address you registered with. If you forgot both your Username and the Email address you registered with, and also cannot remember any other details about your account, we recommend you create a new account - otherwise contact us for further investigation.
  • How many times can I attempt to login per day?
You may attempt to login 20 times per day. We must limit login attempts to prevent abuse. If you have forgotten your login click here and fill out the forgotten login form.
  • What are levels and how do they benefit me?
Levels exist to give certain benefits to users based on how active they are. The more active you are on the website, the more ways you'll earn experience. Each new level requires a certain amount of experience to reach, and the higher your level - the more it will benefit you.

Your level acts as a multiplier when voting on games. If you give a game 5/5 and your level is 1, then the game receives 5/5. However, if your level is 3 then that game would receive 3 times 5/5 votes. In time more benefits will be available to those with higher levels, but for the time being the benefits of higher levels are essentially the ability to influence which games are at the top, general "respect" amongst the community, and perhaps the very challenge of reaching new levels itself.

Although levels have some nice benefits, they are in no way significant to fully enjoy the content of this website.
  • How can I earn experience to reach new levels?
You can earn experience by, in general, being more active around the site. Doing things such as playing a game or leaving a comment will give you a certain amount of experience. For the moment, the exact amount and the exact actions required to earn experience is a secret. One great way to earn experience is to report bugs, spam and breaches of the website rules, as well as linking to!
  • How much experience do I need to reach each level?
Please refer to the below levels and experience chart:


Note: These values are subject to change.
  • How does the friends list work?
You can add others as your friends via their profile page. When you do this, you send them a request which they must accept in order for you to become friends. You can view and manage them at any time under "My Account".
  • How does the blocked list work?
You can add others to your blocked list via their profile page or when viewing ork mail from them. If someone is on your blocked list any friends requests and ork mail they send you will automatically be ignored/deleted. You can remove them at any time from your blocked list under "My Account".
Virtual Currency (Coins)
  • What are coins?
Coins are the virtual currency of Ork Games. They can be used for many things throughout this website exclusively, such as for buying things and sending challenges. They are not to be confused with "real money".
  • How can I earn coins?
You can earn coins by, in general, being more active around the site. There are many ways earn coins, some of which are not mentioned here. Once per day, you can earn coins by simply logging into your account. You can also earn coins by winning challenges, tournaments (including being a top voter in a tournament). You can also earn coins in other ways such as by investing in a bank account to earn interest on deposited coins and buying and then selling real estate for a profit through the explore page.
  • Can I convert coins into real money?
We currently do not have the option to, or have any plans to provide the option to convert coins into real money. However, if in future we find this is possible whilst ensuring that everyone may benefit, then we may consider this, however for now we feel that it is better for everyone if we do not include this option.
  • Can I purchase coins with real money?
We currently do not have the option to, or have any plans to provide the option to purchase coins with real money. If we find that there is real value in spending real money to purchase our virtual currency, then we may consider this, however for now we feel that it is better for everyone if we do not include this option.
  • What is the purpose of the "explore" page?
We wanted to make Ork Games even more fun by creating a "virtual world" for you and your friends/family to interact with. This virtual world allows you to make further use of virtual currency (coins). You can buy Houses, Stores and OrkClans. You can go shopping for items to add to your inventory, or to sell in your Store. Most importantly, you can have fun exploring and maybe even try to find a house near your friends place!
  • What are the benefits of buying a Houses and other real estate?
Each type of property/real estate has several benefits. The main benefits would be that, Houses allow you to store items, Stores allow you to sell items, and OrkClan properties allow you to start your own OrkClan! Other benefits include the fact that you can re-sell your real estate through a real estate agency and make yourself a profit!
  • What address numbering system does Ork Games use?
For the properties/real estate throughout the explore page, we use a somewhat unique, "grid-like" address numbering system whereby the address number increases horizontally and then vertically, from top left to bottom right. The address number matches the properties position on the "grid".
  • How are the "Current" Top Games determined?
There are a several factors that are used to determine the "Current" Top Games. One factor would be that, the older a game is the less "weight" it is given - and so it would appear lower in the chart. However, other factors could make that game appear higher in the chart.
  • What is a tournament?
Our tournaments are similar to "ladder tournaments". Two contestants are matched-up, and YOU get to vote which one you feel should proceed up the ladder. If a contestant (game) loses a certain number of times, they are eliminated from the tournament. By the end we are left only the most voted on games who are the winners of the tournament.

When a tournament has ended, the winners of the tournament, the top voters and the lucky voter are placed in the hall of fame and all respective rewards are given out.
  • Why should I vote?
Everytime you vote you earn 10 experience. Additionally, the orks who cast the most votes by the end of the tournament (the "top voters") recieve coins as their prize. Of course, you're probably wanting to play games anyway so why not play while voting - you'll be helping others find the best games, and you'll be able to support your favourites along the way in the event you get to vote on one!
  • How is the lucky voter chosen?
The lucky voter's prize(s) are awarded to 1 lucky individual who is randomly selected at the end of a tournament. So long as you vote at least 1 time in the tournament you are eligable to be selected as the lucky voter. If you vote multiple times this DOES NOT increase your chances of being selected as the lucky voter - however remember that the top voters also receive prizes so voting more than once will help your chances of winning something. Both top voters and non-top voters may be selected as the lucky voter.
  • How are match-ups decided?
A match-up, being the two contestants that you have to decide between, are chosen randomly throughout the entire tournament. You are only shown games which you have not had in a match-up before, unless there are no new contestants to show - at which point you will be displayed games you have already voted on before and you will also have a reduced time requirement since you have likely already played those games.
  • How can I get my game into a tournament?
Games are selected based on the criteria for the tournament. For example, we may have only add games submitted in the last month to a monthly tournament. If a tournament was based on a game category, we may pick all the games from that category, or just recent ones added, etc. You are notified by ork mail if you win a tournament, also you can check out the hall of fame to see if you've won tournaments. Note: Once a tournament has started, no new contestants will be added to the tournament.
  • When does a tournament end?
Tournaments will end once there are only a certain number of remaining contestants remaining. This means that, a tournament will last as long as votes are needed to find the top contestants!
  • When does a contestant get dropped from a tournament?
A contestant will be dropped from a tournament if it loses a certain number of votes. The more contestants entered into a tournament, the more losing votes a contestant is allowed before being dropped.
  • How are the winning contestants decided?
Out of the remaining contestants, the ones with the highest winning percentage of votes are the winners.
  • What are challenges?
Challenges are ways for friends to compete against eachother in achieving high scores at games. The winner will be rewarded with a certain amount of coins, based on the level of the challenge. Higher level challenges cost more to send but also offer a higher reward amount to the winner. Once the challenge is sent, you pay the price listed. If they do not accept the challenge within the time limit or they decline the challenge, the challenge is cancelled and your coins are refunded. They do not have to pay anything to accept the challenge. If they complete the challenge, they get the coins listed as a reward. If they accept the challenge and fail to complete it, you get the coins listed as a reward. Challenges have a time limit - the time before the challenge expires. This is the time allowed for the challenged party to both accept and complete the challenge. The time limit begins as soon as a challenge is sent.
  • Who can I challenge?
You may only challenge orks who you are friends with. You can send a friends request to someone by going to their profile page and then clicking the "Add To Friends" link.
  • How many times can I send a challenge?
The limit is currently set to 10 challenges per day.
  • Can I cancel a challenge I sent?
No, once you send a challenge you cannot cancel it.
  • Do both participants in a challenge get rewarded bonus coins if the one receiving the challenge accepts the challenge quickly?
No, the early acceptance of challenges rewards the bonus only to the one receiving the challenge - this is to entice them to accept the challenge sooner rather than later which would be to the benefit of the sender of the challenge.
  • What is a referral link?
The referrals page shows users who have linked to using their referral link. The more referrals you make the higher you'll be in the referrals list and the top referrers chart. Webmasters may wish to view this as our traffic trading or link exchange system.

Additionally, by referring friends, family and others to with your referral link you'll earn referral points. For the moment, there is no way to use referral points. While we work on adding ways to use referral points, you can still earn them so that you may use them in future.

Also, don't forget that you'll be helping others find out about! The bigger the community we have, the more potential there will be for even more amazing games to be submitted which is what we're all here for, right?!
  • How do referrals work?
Simply refer people to by having them click/visit your unique referral link which we provide you.
  • Where can I find my unique referral link?
You can find your unique referral link under the My Account area of this website or on the Referrals page if you are logged in to your account.
  • What does "In" and "Out" refer to on the referrals page?
"In" and "Out" refer to the number of people that have been referred both to and from through referral links (in) and the referrals list (out).
  • Is there any way to get bonus referral points?
Yes, if someone you referred signs up, you'll get 5 bonus referral points!
  • Do I need to sign up to make referrals?
Yes, but signing up is easy - simply fill out the registration form!
  • Where can I set my website to be shown in the referrals list?
You can set your website under the Profile Management section in My Account.
  • Is there a limit to how many referrals I can make per day?
No, there is no limit to the number of referrals that can be made per day, in or out, and all referrals will be counted (including any sign ups from your referrals).
  • Is there a way to view "who referred who"?
Currently we do not provide any way to view who signed up after being referred by a referral link, however we do track this in case we decide to provide this feature in the future.
Boost Links
  • What is a boost/boost link?
Under My Account you will find two unique "boost links". Boosts are similar to referrals. Each time someone visits your boost link you'll be rewarded with/boosted by either 1 coin or 10 experience (depending on the boost link you choose to refer with). There is one catch though - only one type of boost link will be counted per day, per unique person you refer. In otherwords, if someone clicks your coins boost link, and then they click your xp boost link, you will only be boosted with 1 coin since that is the first link they clicked/visited.

Note: Your boost links redirect to your profile page, so don't forget to setup your profile under the Profile Management section in My Account!
  • Can I use proxy services to get loads of boosts?
Using proxy services or proxies to "trick" the website into believing you are a different unique visitor is deemed as cheating. To keep things fair, we ask you do not attempt to do this - we have some clever stuff in place to help us find out if anyone is abusing the system in this way, and yes, there are consequences for those caught cheating. Don't worry - if you happen to use proxies to browse normally, you will not be affected. In short, it is not allowed to use proxy servers/proxies to bypass the 1 visit per unique I.P restriction so that you may keep visiting your boost links for loads of boosts! Thank you to everyone who does not attempt to use this "trick", you are an asset to the community!
  • Is there a limit to how many boosts I can get per day?
Yes, only the first 100 boosts per day will have any affect (additional boosts beyond this are simply disregarded). This number may be increased or lowered over time if it is what the majority of the wants. Please note that we only count valid boosts towards the boosts per day limit, so don't worry if someone keeps visiting your boost link as it is only counted once!
  • Who has access to the forum?
Everyone has the ability to view topics within the forum. Only registered users have the ability to create topics and post in the forum.
  • Why was my topic deleted/moved?
Based on the contents of the topic, if it appears to be more suitable for another forum category it will be moved by either an admin or moderator. If a topic is in breach of the forum rules it will, in most cases, be deleted or moved to the landfill to be deleted at a later date. Very old topics may also be deleted in the event we need to clean up the forum (to speed up browsing, browser loading times, etc).
  • What are the forum rules?
Please refer to the "Forum Rules" announcement within the forum.
  • What is the current "virtual" time?
The current "virtual" time is 9:25pm (AEDT) - less than 3 hours remaining until tomorrow.
  • Who made this website?
Please refer to the staff page.
  • What does the rope in the top right corner do?
You may have noticed the rope with an "R" on it in the top right corner of this website. You might like to call it the "Random Rope" because when you pull it, it will take you to a random game! Pretty neat!
  • Where can I redeem a code?
If you have a redeemable code, you may redeem it by clicking here and entering your code!
  • How can I request to stop receiving email from this website (unsubscribe)?
If you are registered, you can change this setting under "Other Settings" in "My Account". If you are not a registered user, you may enter your email into our blacklist so that you never receive email from us. Please visit the unsubscribe page to proceed.
  • I have previously unsubscribed my email address. Is there any way I can undo this?
Please contact us and we will undo this for you.
  • What happened to the old website?
The original Ork Games has been replaced with the new and improved version. Many new features have been added and more will come in future.
  • What happened to Grug Goodgreen?
For those who do not know, Grug Goodgreen was the original mascot for Ork Games. He has now retired and lives happily in the forest of dreams, somewhere east of heaven's lake.

Grug Goodgreen's only wish is that Ork Games continues to flourish, that more and more Orks are born and with them comes a new era of online gaming!
  • Who's the new mascot?
The new mascot is the green guy in the top left corner of the screen. He won't share his name but... who knows, maybe one day he will! Orks are such strange creatures! Speaking of Orks, are you one yet?
  • I cannot find the answers I am looking for above, what now?
Feel free to contact the webmaster/admin using the contact us form. Alternatively, you can send an email to .